A Unique Musical Experience

As their name implies, Celteclectic is one of those groups that’s difficult to describe. By definition, they are a Celtic Folk/Rock group, but to try to pin a label on them would fall well short of capturing their essence.

Celteclectic consists of multi-instrumentalists Les Smith, Glenn McFarlane, and Jon Grant. Together they produce innovative arrangements of traditional, original and contemporary Celtic, Folk and Rock pieces. For Celteclectic, anything goes. For example, they may apply a Celtic arrangement to a classic rock song, rock up a traditional Celtic piece, or blend traditional tunes with exciting originals. In short, there is a lot of variety in their shows, as they create a unique, interesting and enjoyable experience for the listener.

Celteclectic is:

Jon Grant – vocals, lead guitar, percussion
Glenn McFarlane – vocals, rhythm guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, accordion
Les Smith – vocals, bass, Irish flute, tin whistle, bodhran