About Celteclectic

Celteclectic is:

Jon Grant – vocals, lead guitar, percussion
Glenn McFarlane – vocals, rhythm guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, accordion
Les Smith – vocals, bass, Irish flute, tin whistle, bodhran

There’s a rumour that Jon, Glenn and Les met high above the rooftops of an enchanted forest in Brampton. It’s not exactly true, but it’s close. Les arrived from the Far East via Mississauga, while Jon jumped over a really big pond. Glenn was completely disoriented and wasn’t sure how he arrived.

Les and Glenn met at work one day and decided to start jamming out in the parking lot, scaring the geese away with tunes on the tin whistle while talking about aerospace. Once they decided their music was somehow worth recording, Jon took pity on them and tried his best to help them out. Eventually they decided that a three headed hydra was better than two, so they formed Celteclectic.

A professional music instructor and part time peripatetic, Jon enjoys torturing his students with painful and repetitive fingering exercises. As the president of the Brampton Folk Club, Glenn enjoys bossing people around, while Vice President Les generally takes orders from just about everybody.

Having been trained in Communications Engineering, Queueing Theory, Cello, Pottery, and as a Chef, Les naturally spends his spare time doing photography. Glenn likes to pretend to play soccer (clearly having received no training in it!) and drink lots of beer after his failed attempts. Jon has 1,282 students, so he doesn’t have any free time, which is a good thing because he doesn’t have a hobby anyway (besides peripatetically traveling around the world).

As their name implies, they’re not really sure what style of music they like to play, but are willing to give just about anything a try, so long as it’s tasteful or extremely tasteless. Between them, they play 14,282 different instruments, but only own about half that many. All three of them suffer from gear envy, and believe that technology can somehow make their folk music sound better.

Celteclectic will put a smile on your face while singing about death, destruction and other nasty things.